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> Think like your user
> Usability Review
> Planning a site
> Online Site Assessment

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Links, books, tools, documents to help you imagine, plan, assess and develop your site.

> www.useit.com/alertbox
Jakob Nielsen, usability evangelist and guru. Easy to use site and massively comprehensive - any questions generally yield masses of info. through his search facility

> Don't Make Me Think!: A Common Sense...
A short, readable, usable book about online ergonomics by Steve Krug

Domain Name Registration
> webmonkey.com

Tips on choosing a unique and memorable name for your domain from this well-respected trade site. The article is a mixture of marketing and web advice.

> www.123-reg.co.uk
Domain names at prices so reasonable you can buy all the extensions (eg .net and .biz, as well as .co.uk or .com).

> www.wiserhosting.co.uk
Good value and even better service - the hosting we use for this site. Highly recommended.

Sodabytes library                    ^top

Minimise your costs, streamline the commissioning process and keep life as simple and surprise-free as possible. This document is packed full of information, and a very useful guide, particularly for those planning their first site.

> contact us for a copy.

Think like your user...    

Being customer-focused means looking at things from your customer's point of view - but how does this translate to online design principles?

This section could be described as a first step tool towards that perspective.

Use the questions page to gain the insight - and then the information page to see how it can be developed and applied.

Usability Review                 ^top

Evaluate levels of usability on your current site, and identify your competitors weaknesses.

Your Review can benchmark your site against 2 of your competitors, and contains tabular, chart data and an interpretive summary. The Review costs 200, which can be recouped later.

To see the value of usability clearly demonstrated,
> order your Usability Review today.

Online site assessment                                                         ^top
See how your site's doing with this quick checklist. The result is returned in a pop-up window entirely for your own information - or you can add your details and submit the result to us to initiate a discussion of your site. (Click help icon key for explanations of these criteria.)
Is your site:
Good to look at?
Easy to navigate? help icon
Does it extend and reflect your corporate identity? help icon
Does it express your business offering with clarity and simplicity? help icon
Does it look good on smaller and larger monitors? help icon
Does it work well on both major browsers, versions 4 and above? help icon
Does it download quickly on a dial-up connection? help icon
Does it use the internet creatively to engage your audience? help icon
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