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A Q&A section to help you appreciate user behaviour online - a small but significant 'shift' in mindset that will help you put your customers' needs at the centre of your web-marketing.

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We make customer-focused websites for service-based businesses.

We understand that selling services requires a completely different approach from selling products. You're selling a promise to deliver, and we understand the challenge is to build credibility in that promise.

How do we do it? - by putting your customers at the heart of our design process. We take some time to understand the needs and requirements you have, and then go beyond that to those of your customers.

For example, if you're trying to sell 'instruction' and your market's interested in 'tuition', you have both a semantic and (arguably) conceptual gap we can help you bridge.

Getting it right means more enquiries, and ultimately more sales, from your website.

We keep customer-focused in the next design stage by making sites that are easy to use and navigate.

And finally, we give a high standard of customer service ourselves; we explain the design process and technical aspects of a project, we try very hard to communicate in plain English, and we deliver surprise-free project management.

So you keep control of your site, your timelines
and your budget.

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Our clients say:

"We wanted an agency that would go beyond promises to make the site look nice…. we chose Sodabyte - from a total of 8 companies invited to pitch."
Rebecca Bond, Global Head of Marketing
Iris Financial >

"The results were fantastic - we achieved everything that we set out to in terms of an effective sales and marketing tool that is accessible to our partners"
Brendan Rayment, Head of Marketing
Trinatours >

"Sodabyte are a pleasure to deal with. They are objectives and usability driven - not obsessed with design for its own sake. I would thoroughly recommend them to anyone looking for a hard-working site."
Sarah McBryer, Managing Director
The Customer Consultancy

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