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RowlanDavies Associates - Our Clients told us to

RowlanDavies logoWe developed RDa's site to a content-rich formula, based on testimonial feedback which all pointed to the great time-savings RDa's training invariably generates. Content-rich and search engine-friendly, the site has been a great tool for generating and converting new business.

Good marketing practice
Back in May 2002, we designed a very simple site structure for RDa, and persuaded them to supply the kind of content a B2B, services company's website needs to overcome the biggest obstacle to sales - trust.

This meant getting client testimonials and case studies for all RDa's major clients.

"Siobhan was pretty forthright when it came to the site content. Although gathering the information was a task I knew I should have undertaken for general marketing purposes some time ago, this was the fillip we needed to round up our testimonials and write our case studies.

Our previous site was very basic and didn't have any professional veneer. The new site surpassed our expectations, and we know from feedback it has helped get us through many 'first rounds' of screening from our B2B prospects."

- Ted Davies, Managing Director

More please! - new content and search engine marketing
A year later, RDa approached us to see if we could help them attract new leads through search engine marketing.

To make the site more attractive to both search engines and site visitors, we stressed the important of rich content on the site.

Looking at the valuable information in the client testimonials, we were amazed by the consistency of feedback - time and again, respondents stressed the amount of time-saved in routine work post-training. This set us all thinking of a way to provide some quick tips as valuable online content.

We introduced a a time-saving tips section to the site and gave it a blog page facility, so that RDa are able to publish tips on a regular basis and keep their site fresh.

Then putting together the results of our keyword research and analysis, we tweaked the copy and navigation of the site to highlight the keywords and search terms so the site would easily be found.

Don't change a thing!
By July 2003 we had increased traffic to the site by 200 - 300% per month.

"Don't change anything on my site. Its working really well" said Ted Davies "…the site is as strong as ever in helping us through that vital first round of vetting, plus now I get enquiries 'out of the blue' - just last week The Independent contacted me…"

We can help you gain new customers and prospects.
To find out how, call Siobhan on 020 8257 3445 or email us.

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