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Think like your user...    

Being customer-focused means looking at things from your customer's point of view - but how does this translate to online design principles?

Try this online Q&A > for some useful insights.


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If you're planning a new website, you've probably asked yourself these questions:

  1. Why am I creating this website?
  2. What do I want it to achieve for my business?
  3. What sort of information do I want to convey?

But how about these?

  1. What do my prospective customers or clients want from this website?
  2. How will they expect to use it?
  3. What sort of information will they expect to find there?

The gap between the two sets of questions - what you want and what your users want - is one that's crucial to mind if you want a hard-working site.

Internet users are notoriously impatient, and as your competition is generally only a couple of clicks away, extremely fickle. So in the virtual world, even more so than the real world, customer-focus, is vital.

Most good web designers these days will start with some analysis of your objectives and your audience.

We take that approach further, looking at three key areas to help you succeed:

  • Usability
    Being on your site is a good experience and nothing irritates users or drives them away.
  • Content design
    When visitors get to your site, content is well-written and valuable, not just empty sales blah.
  • Search engine-friendliness
    People can find your site using the search engines (and if you want to optimise your site for the search engines, you're way there already; we provide ethical search engine optimisation >).

Have a look at some of our testimonials and case studies > to see how we've realised projects and helped our client's businesses.

Or contact us > today to find out how we can help make yours a hard-working site.

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